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In this eBook, you will learn the many different ways you can begin to improve your golf game and achieve success with it. By establishing a plan, you will then be able to act aggressively and positively toward correcting errant tendencies while recognising your errors. Through recognising these errors you will be able to avoid them and then literally teach yourself how to play good golf, resulting in a natural sense ofconfidence. We can't promise to make you the next Tiger Woods but the information inside this ebook will surely improve your game and help you to adjust your own game. 

Far too frequently many golfers become so caught up in the essence of making the perfect shot that they fail
to consider the basic keys to making a good shot. There are three essentials to any good golf game. Without
mastering each of these three key elements it is impossible to achieve any level of success with your game.
The basic ability to swing the club correctly is certainly important. No successful game of golf can exist
without it. That said; however, the only true correct way to swing the club is with a sense of body control. The
ability to swing the club with body control is impossible; however unless a player also has the proper footwork
to go along with it. If a player has not obtained a proper sense of balance so that he or she has full,
unrestricted use of his body it will be impossible to obtain a correct swing. It is from the body that the power
which generates the swing flows. Therefore, much of the success of the golf shot and the distance you can
achieve, depends on how you use your body.

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