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eBook Content Details:

8 Pages of fantastic World Map drawings for your child to complete. 

This is a PDF download that will allow the Colour Book to be used on Graphic Tablet devices as well using the Graphics Pad and the pen or you can download and print the eBook off which allows it to be used time and time again.

The whole family can get involved and with siblings and their friends they can each colourise the image in their own unique way. After which the finished artwork could be framed and put up on walls in the bedroom or given to family relatives as a gift .

The eBook can also be cutomised at no extra charge with either the child's name and or photograph to make it a unique book that children will love as their own. Just order the Colouring Book and we'll send you an email asking for the personalised details and a special message you might like to be included. Ideal for Christmas and Birthdays or just because you want to show them that they are special!

Refund Policy: There are no refunds on eBooks as they are delivered in a PDF format.