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 A great stress buster, many people love adult colouring: filling in complex designs with attractive colours can be relaxing and people report it may help them to destress.

The Drugs Addiction colouring is a proven activity that allows the artistic and creative juices to flow and is a way to relax from the busy frantic life that many of us lead in our everyday life. Graphic Computer Image (GCI) have proven to be a real success story to help people to relax.

This eBook contains very detailed Drugs Addiction GCI drawings that are specifically designed for colouring and to help you relax and is part of a series of Colouring and Activity eBooks. Researchers have found that the very act of colouring helps to reduce anxiety and depression, which in an age of recognised stresses means that being part of this craze could be good for your wellbeing. 

There are 8 colouring pages for you to enjoy time and time again. You can include these as a family activity or for friends and colleagues all to enjoy by printing out multiple copies from your printer or maybe do various versions yourself before you choose the one you want to frame and keep. 

These adult digital colouring eBooks can be printed or transferred into computer programs that allows them to be used on graphics tablets and mobile devices. Or just print them out on a printer the good-old fashioned way. Either way you will be downloading your eBook in a PDF format and this can be used repeatedly and the drawings be printed time and time again.

Inside you will find Graphic Colouring Images titled:

Shattered Addiction
Cardiac Utopia
Bone Tired Skulls
Underground Bong Reality
Smoke The Imagination
Weed Out Tensions
Jungle King
Crazy Pipe Cat

Print Size: A4 (297mm (H) x 210mm (W) 

Refund Policy: There are no refunds on eBooks as they are delivered in a PDF format.