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If you are a fairly new business then getting your brand noticed by your target audience is not the easiest thing to do. But you must increase the awareness of your brand and video marketing is a very effective way to achieve this.

This eBook Video Marketing For Beginners is ideal for newbies who want to be able to understand the different types of video that can be created for their business marketing strategies. Why if they are not already they really should be embracing Video Marketing as a key component of their Digital Marketing and the competitive advantages that they gain from this.

This eBook will show how they can set up, optimise and share their videos once created for maximum exposure opportunities and the best way to promote their video to maximise their return on investment plus many more topics covered below:

Drive more traffic to your website, Generate more leads, Make more sales, Surveys prove video marketing works, Video drives up audience engagement, Videos can rank high for tough keywords, Videos help to build trust, Video marketing improves brand awareness, Reach decision makers with video marketing, Combine video marketing with email marketing.

Research your videos, Plan every video, A script or prompt list?, Identify what you need to make great videos, Monitor how well your videos perform, Find out what others are doing,

Create Explainer videos, Create how-to videos, Create promotional videos, Create expert videos, Create case study videos, Create product or service demonstration videos

Record yourself in some or all videos, Get a good quality camera, Get a good quality microphone, Use a good video editing suite, Use screen capture software, Consider creating animated videos, Use Audacity for audio editing

Add your videos to your website, Share your videos on YouTube, Share your videos on Facebook, Share your videos on other social platforms, Share on Daily Motion and Vimeo

Live streaming can build trust fast, Live streams have high engagement, Raise brand awareness with live streams, It’s easier to produce live video, Discover what your audience likes with live streams

Perform keyword research, Use your main keyword in the video title, Use the right tags for your videos, Create an enticing thumbnail, Use the key moments feature, Create a transcript for your videos, Back links are good for Google search

Optimising is not enough you need to promote, Use videos in your email marketing, Embed your videos in your web pages, Make posts about your videos on social media, Use your email signature to link to a video page, Add share buttons on pages that have videos, Add your video at the top of the page, Use social ads to promote your videos, Upload your videos to video sharing sites, Video Marketing Best Practices

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